Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The entrance.



This January, I had nearly 5 weeks of holidays (yes, the longest Xmas break ever!) So I took the first plane back home to London on the 16th Dec 2015. Anyways, on the 7th Jan from Phuket airport, we took a flight to Kuala Lumpur which took less than 2 hours.

However… As went into the room, we all started sneezing. From afar, everything seemed perfect, but as we settled in, everything seemed unkempt, dusty and dirty.

We were moved to the 27th floor. It was such a lovely room, with a separate living room but there was not much of a view which was disappointing. We were presented with a birthday cake, yummy chocolates, and fresh fruit. We didn’t want to leave the room and didn’t do much sightseeing.  Overall,  breakfast was yummy however, I felt the staff were not as cheerful (maybe because it was the morning?) The other extra facilities were also great, though the swimming pool closed at 9pm.

To conclude, I would love to visit Malaysia and in particular Shangri-La if we had the same room.

Hope you enjoyed this informative review all of which is my OWN personal opinion and fully paid myself.

Maryam xox


The view from 27th floor








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